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Mind Institute is OPENING for Business on June 1st 

Welcome to our modified center that fully abides by Qatar's precautionary measures and social distancing guidelines: 

  • ​Plexiglass dividers ensure a barrier between therapist and client
  • ​Mandatory medical-grade face shields for our therapists
  • ​6-ft distance floor markers
  • ​Limited capacity 
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مركز مايند انستيتيوت سيستأنف نشاطه ابتداء من 1 يونيو 

دعونا نرحب بكم في مركزنا المعدل بشكل كامل طبقاً للإجراءات الاحترازية و  معايير التباعد الاجتماعي المعتمدة في قطر:

  فواصل زجاجية تضمن التباعد الآمن بين المعالج والعميل 

 أقنعة وجه طبية إلزامية لكل معالج 

 علامات أرضية بمسافة 6 أقدام 

  قدرة استيعابية معدلة

"استمر في رحلتك العلاجية و ابدء اليوم مع مركز مايند انستيتيوت!"



Attend your session in the comfort of your home with our new teletherapy program
(FREE Consultation + 20% discount for the first month)
Our multi-disciplinary team of therapists will continue to accommodate children and adults struggling with physical, mental and social challenges despite the temporary closure of our Centre during COVID-19.
  • Comfort And High Flexibility
  • ​Privacy And Safety
  • ​Access For The Disabled
Our Departments
Speech and Language Department
Occupational and Physical Therapy Department
Our Services
Child Pathway (0-18)
Adult Pathway
Educational Support & Services
Teletherapy is providing therapy through a live, HIPAA-compliant video connection, over the internet. How is teletherapy different from traditional therapy?

 Teletherapy removes the concern of being seen by other members of your community for those who value more privacy.
 Eliminating the stress and anxiety of driving and being on the road.
Borderless accessabilty
Distance and location is no longer an issue. You can receive therapy no matter how far you live.
Interactive video conferencing.
This way, we can comply with the strict social distancing guidelines, while still ensuring your child is getting the continued care they are used to and need.
​Access For Disabled
If you are bedridden or have a chronic illness, you can benefit from our online treatment in the comfort of your home.
Why Is Mind Institute Offering Teletherapy? and What Does Teletherapy Include?
Due to the global COVID-19 outbreak and to comply with social distancing guidelines, we at Mind Institute have decided that the safest course of action is to temporarily continue our work through online communication. Teletherapy is 1 on 1 video conferencing between a Mind Institute licensed therapist and you or your child.
Tips and tricks for parents:
 Parents or nanny stay close by in case you need to assist with any technical difficulties
  • Create a comfortable space for your child.  
  • ​Make sure that WiFi and computer camera are working.
  • Position the camera and help your child stay in front of the screen
  • ​Stay with your child during the session (if necessary)
  • ​Gather materials or toys to use during the session
  • ​Provide cues for the child to start, transition, or continue an activity
  • ​Provide reminders and positive encouragement
What are our clients saying about teletherapy?
Our qualified Staff

Azza Abdelrahman



Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Farhiya Abdi

Speech and Language Therapist

Remo Poulsen


Ahmad Alkhateeb

Speech & Language Therapist

Mohamed Beji


Jelisavka Milosevic


Mohamed Amin


And Many More Are waiting for you
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